custom designed pumps

The Core Competence of Proserve is to meet the needs of our clients and is intrinsic to our organisation's design and value system. Proserve offers products manufactured in the latest manufacturing facilities as per the material specifications, design and final application requirements. Proserve team is quick to adapt to varying needs of each client's design for new pumps like vertical pumps, new centrifugal pumps, submercible pumps etc. Proserve customised pumps' industrial applications include ever-changing requirements of Hydrocarbon processing, chemical processing, General Industry, Minerals & Mining, Oil & Gase, Petro chemicals, Power & Wind Energy, Paper & Pulp, Water & Waste Water. configurations for specific applications. 3D Computer aided Design is used throughout the design process to reduce design time and maximise interchangeability. Our ability to quickly modify standard designs for specific or difficult applications is particularly valued by our customers and distributors. Utilising our unique ReplicastĀ® foundry we can customise all aspects of designs without the requirement for expensive pattern equipment. Making truly bespoke design possible to suit the most strenuous of applications and pumping environments.